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News Release For Immediate Release | ALIVE | November 2022

News Release For Immediate Release | ALIVE | November 2022

ALIVE Fitness Studio

Dallas, November 29, 2022 – ALIVE is the first fitness studio of its kind offering classes every 30 minutes with a diverse and robust schedule. At ALIVE, convenience is key. As well as consistency, cleanliness, and a beautiful, appealing space. The experience at ALIVE is fully immersive. From the moment guests walk in the door, the experience is organic and full-on sensory: Clean, white materials mix with warm woods in a curved reception desk and waiting area, while a large moss-covered wall beckons members to “feel alive” as they pass into a backlit portal, which lights up at walking speed, leading guests into the studio spaces. ALIVE classes are unique in that the pace, timing, and flow are directed by a one-of-a-kind blend of audio, video, and lighting, all mastered with perfect timing to every prompt given, making the fitness experience truly personal. Members will also find these same classes delivered with teacher assistance, allowing the instructor to spend 100% of their time working with the members. 

ALIVE co-founder Brandon Hartsell shares, “There is nothing inherently easy about developing a wellness and fitness practice.” He has been cultivating the ALIVE concept for over 20 years, carefully crafting ways to enhance the experience or make it better – from the variety of classes offered daily (yoga, Pilates, barre, and fitness) to a flexible schedule. Because class delivery doesn’t require every class to have a live instruction, ALIVE is able to offer classes consistently, daily, and every 30 minutes starting at 4:30am until the last class ends at 10pm. So easy for members to pop into a class whenever it suits them throughout the day! 

Upon entering the studios, members are greeted with floor-to-ceiling front mirrored walls and back walls covered with 7 ft. high by 4 ft. wide screens projecting larger than life loops of faraway lush destinations – oceans, ruins and more – creating a truly unique experience. Custom computers were built to run the screens which hang in portrait mode, 2 ft. off the floors for optimal visibility from any spot in the room. As the class starts, members face the mirrored walls, which reflect these screens, where they are led by an instructor on prerecorded, specially edited classes formatted for the screens, creating what ALIVE calls the “Quantum Experience.” This full-on sensory mode is created when the environment around them, combined with mindfulness, allows guests to quite literally connect to the present moment. For Hartsell, “ALIVE aims to be an environment where people can connect with and cultivate their very best self.” 

Creating ALIVE was no easy feat. Hartsell has been a hot yoga aficionado over 20 years. He began his yoga practice in 1992 and opened his first studio in 2002; at its peak, he ran 18 studios. ALIVE merges all the ideas and concepts he has been carefully crafting through his yoga journey, many of which Hartsell has had to create because no one was doing it. From the screens, to the videos, the lighting, and audio, and even the heat systems – all were perfected in house. In regards to the heat, Hartsell shares it best: “Typical heat and humidity systems are not designed to do what we demand. Typical systems are for one set temperature and humidity, and don’t do well when changed and certainly won’t perform when changed frequently. We have to be able to change the environment from class to class and quickly. Our patent-pending system has a proprietary method for managing heat, humidity, and ventilation that allows us to deliver a consistent experience. Finally, our hot yoga environment is unmatched. The heat and humidity in our rooms create a natural, hot, humid outdoor feeling that still maintains the challenge people expect from the hot room. Practitioners describe it as fresher, less oppressive, and more natural.”

ALIVE is a full sensory experience utilizing video, sound, lighting, and patent-pending heat and humidity environmental controls. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-term practitioner, each class has been carefully constructed with visual and audio elements to guide and progress your practice. Lights and music will immerse you in a new state of relaxation and focus. Look for teacher-assisted time slots to enhance your learning and build your confidence. 

Classes start every 30 minutes, assuring there is always an option available for your busy schedule.

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