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Frequently Asked Questions

The idea for ALIVE was born out of over 20 years of experience delivering high quality group yoga, Pilates, barre, and fitness classes.

ALIVE is a full sensory fitness experience utilizing video, sound, lighting, and patent-pending heat and humidity environmental controls. Our classes have been carefully constructed for both beginners and long-term practitioners.

ALIVE is distinct from a traditional yoga studio in a number of ways. Our delivery method allows us to offer classes every 30 minutes. To achieve this, we offer both coached and uncoached options. During coached classes, because they are enhanced with video and audio elements, the instructor is able to focus 100% of their attention on individualized student instruction. In a traditional setting 90% of an instructor's attention is consumed with generic instruction and demonstration.

A full sensory experience is achieved when all the elements of the environment invite the practitioner to be fully in the moment, present in mind, body and life. By immersing your sense with carefully curated audio and visual elements your sense work to optimize your experience.