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carla valencia
I Wasn’t Expecting This

When my first cousin (one of my favorite people) told me, he was an investor in a new wellness studio I was of course going to try it out. He could have said, “Hey Carla, we’re starting these studios with treadmills under water for a full body workout” – I still would have tried it out. My cousin and I both really got into Bikram (Hot Yoga) when it was first starting and were game to take double classes to get that hot high. He lived in Dallas and I in Houston, but when work or family brought either of us to each other’s city - we always took a class together. He and I are so very different, but have so many things in common, one our aforementioned love of yoga, our love of food, cooking and travel. He is a finance guy and I am a creative in all senses of the word. He dominates a spreadsheet and I dominate a thread and needle. We both have two kids- a boy and a girl, the same age and they are besties - hence the traveling together.

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Hot Yoga: The Perfect Blend of Mind, Body, and Breath

Hot Yoga is a popular form of yoga that offers a variety of classes for both beginners and advanced students. These classes range in duration from 45 to 60 minutes and are designed to build strength, balance, and increase flexibility and mobility. The classes are held in a heated room, typically around 90 degrees with 60 percent humidity, which accelerates oxygen flow and increases cardiovascular performance. This helps to ignite all systems in the body and begins to synchronize them, making you feel centered and harmonious after class.

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courtney gilmore
TEXAS | TODAY - Exercise Your Senses at ALIVE in Plano

Correspondent, Courtney Gilmore, experiences a workout class at ALIVE in Plano Texas! It’s a fitness studio that offers a whole sensory experience.

Read the transcript and link to the interview!

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press release
News Release For Immediate Release | ALIVE | November 2022

Dallas, November 29, 2022 – ALIVE is the first fitness studio of its kind offering classes every 30 minutes with a diverse and robust schedule. At ALIVE, convenience is key. As well as consistency, cleanliness, and a beautiful, appealing space. The experience at ALIVE is fully immersive...

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